Understanding Tidal Current Bass!

No doubt, tidal rivers are ever changing and the better you comprehend the flow, the better your bass fishing success. Kim and MLF Pro, Shaw Grigsby capitalize on a Potomac River outgoing tide with a wacky-rigged weightless Strike King “Ocho” stick worm. The pattern is then validated by an underwater point of view.

Featured Tackle …
Strike King 5″ Perfect Plastic Ocho Stickworm – https://bit.ly/3Hrn9W7
Color: Green Pumpkin Purple/Gold

The O-Wacky Tool – https://bit.ly/2YRsDrA

The O-Wacky Tool O-Rings – https://bit.ly/3HrK3MV
Color: Black

Gamakatsu Wide Gap Finesse Hook Weedless – https://bit.ly/3oz3tHf
Size: 2/0

Seaguar “Smackdown” Braided Line – https://bit.ly/3HrgXNR
Color: Flash Green Size: 20# Test

Seaguar “Tatsu” Fluorocarbon Line (Leader) – https://bit.ly/31S7M8H
Size: 8# Test

Shimano Zodias Spinning Rod – https://bit.ly/30EwEAH
Length: 7′ Action: Medium Heavy

Shimano Sustain Spinning Reel – https://bit.ly/3cjMcfc
Model: SUS2500HGFI

Cush-it Elite Bass Rod Floats – https://bit.ly/3l5B6j5
Color: Silver

Cush-it Ultra 3 Net Float – https://bit.ly/3nqATZm

Frabill Conservation Telescopic Net – https://bit.ly/3oFxEMX

Strike King S11 Polarized Sunglasses – https://bit.ly/3qF3BaO

Equipment …
Power-Pole Blade Shallow Water Anchor 8′ CM2 – https://bit.ly/3CuG7HO

Power-Pole CM2 Wireless Foot Switch – https://bit.ly/31YVE5S
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