Seeing is believing. Learn from an underwater perspective how the attributes of these two materials differ when drop-shot rigged for bass.

Featured products …
Strike King 3X Elaztech Finesse Worm –
Color: Green Pumpkin Size: 4″

Strike King 4.25″ KVD Dream Shot Worm –
Color: KVD Magic

Gamakatsu Drop/Split Shot Hook –
Size: 2

Lazer Trokar Light Wire Finesse Worm Hook –
Size: 1/0

Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Drop Shot Weights –
Size: 3/8 oz.
Seaguar Gold Label Fluorocarbon Leader –
Size: 8# Test

Seaguar “Smackdown” Braided Line –
Color: Flash Green Size: 20# Test
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