Hook n’ Look Splash #15 – Down-Imaging and Side-Imaging a Weed Edge

A “Splash” of angling information with an underwater point of view.

On Hook n’ Look Splash #15 our good friend Dale Logue from LakeMaster accompanies Kim on Lake Champlain, NY. They will use Humminbird’s Down-Imaging along with Side-Imaging to survey a weed edge, locating schools of yellow perch with Smallmouth Bass in persuit of the abundant forage. Kim and Danny Stricker will then dive in to give the viewer an up close underwater perspective of the area to compare to the image portrayed on the Humminbird 1197.

Humminbird 1197 Imaging Settings: Default with a 60 ft view to the left of the boat, and a split screen Down-Imaging / Side-Imgaing