Sandgrass, Smallmouths and Sustenance

An underwater assessment of a fish magnet, Chara. What fisherman refer to as Sandgrass, forms a dense carpet on the bottom of many northern lakes and houses a buffet of forage for smallmouth bass and other species. Kim and Danny Stricker will reveal the habits of the resident crayfish and show how to emulate their strike-inducing motion.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Underwater Sandgrass and Crayfish Content
4:30 Underwater Tube Bait Content
5:22 Tube Bait Presentation Content
7:19 Aqua-Vu Camera Content

Strike King Coffee Tube –
Color: Magic Goby, Goby Lishish Size: 3.5”

Strike King Tour Grade Tube Jig Head –
Size: 3/8oz.

Seaguar Gold Label Fluorocarbon Leader –
Size: 10# Test

Seaguar “Smackdown” Braided Line –
Color: Flash Green Size: 20# Test

Lew’s Custom Pro Speed Spin Spinning Reel –
Model: TLC2000

Team Lew’s Pro Speed Stick Spinning Rod –
Length: 7′ Action: Medium Heavy

Aqua-Vu HD7i-125 Gen2 Underwater Camera –
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